Johnny Collective began as an accidental tourist into DJ delights — a bedroom DJ that cobbled together an eclectic mix of friends and musical tastes to put down sets that boggled the mind all night long.  It didn’t take long for dance floors to notice a sizable group was regularly missing, skipping out on outside events in favor of Johnny’s house.  They were crammed in front of well-worn couches and one mirror — but 24 hours later you could still find them dancing the night away to Johnny’s consistently slammin’ sets.

Now Johnny brings that same musical joie de vivre in line with a highly technical set, a perfect mix of professional talent and an impeccable ear for good music.  Johnny favors bold, chunky, soulful sounds that bring energy to the dance floor and rhythm to your feet, with the sole purpose of keeping the crowd dancing until they sweat off their clothes.

Since his first gig at Remedy, he has been gracing San Francisco VIPs at our favorite venues including Temple, End Up, Harlot, Pink, Vessel, Slide, Mars Bar and many late-night undergrounds. Keeping good company, he’s shared the decks with groundbreaking legends like Doc Martin, Chuck Love, David Harness, Jay-J, Andre Harris, and the up and coming Max Vangeli. He approaches his music collection like a DJ of old, combing record stores and libraries, searching for the “leading edge” and the “lost in translation” of what’s out there.  This keeps his rotation chock full of heavy, familiar hits while introducing experienced ears to fresh, new tunes.

Mr. Collective draws inspiration from a long history of dance floor mastery — from Latin ballroom to breakdancing, and from disco to dub-step — somehow he knows what’s the best out of contemporary music and styles and he can liven up any dance floor that wouldn’t get up and dance for anyone else. As a dancer turned DJ and self-proclaimed House music preacher, his goal is to share a positive, uplifting & soulful experience to anyone who is in volume range.  And he likes it loud!!
Johnny Collective brings needed energy into the local scene.  He is still hungry to bring a great set to keep feet on the floor and butts in the seat. You can see him jamming behind the decks with his own particular jump-step and a huge smile.  And that’s his magic.  He is a great DJ, but an even better person with a reputation for consistency and compassion — how else would he know what we want to hear? Dancing and music aficionados cling to him.  We don’t know where he’s going, but we’re hanging on for the ride of our life — we know it’ll be good

~ Minoria